Listing your vacant room or whole house is a great way to generate additional income or if you have multiple rental investment properties then vacation rental sites are definitely a great platform to generate revenue for you. However, you should not forget that you are in the hospitality industry where customer satisfaction plays a big role.

As with any business, you will come across some challenges along the way that could have an impact on how your customers value your service while you are problem-solving.  Be prepared and face these challenges with solutions that will help you run your listings more smoothly.

One of the biggest challenges you can come across as a Airbnb host or property manager is not getting enough bookings. Low occupancy rates are lost opportunities and no one wants to experience that. The rooms and apartments are ready for guests for no reservations are coming through. So what can you do?  Understand the reason first of all and spend time doing some analysis If you don’t have the time or knowledge then it’s best to seek some help as your bookings are the most important assets to you in the Airbnb business.

Questions to ask yourself as a host

Are you not receiving bookings as you don’t have enough information on your property listing? Is the title of your listing is too unimaginative? Are your prices way higher (or lower) than the market average in your area? Is it off-season?

Get a clear picture, do a bit of research to check how your competition is doing and then fix what needs to be improved.

You finally start getting bookings and you just received two separate reservations for the same accommodation at the same time. Sounds familiar? Welcome to the nightmare of overbookings. If you are selling rooms and apartments on other platforms as well then this is a very likely scenario if your reservations calendars are not synchronized. Make sure you stay organized and avoid overbookings by getting a centralized calendar and automate the synchronization as much as possible. As an Airbnb host, you don’t want to be copy-pasting booking details across multiple platforms. 

Your guests checked in, check out and they left you a review. But you have the same complaints coming in over and over. This is not a challenge: this is a great opportunity for you to improve! The same issue keeps popping up from your guests such as your property is difficult to find or the dream holiday home doesn’t look like the pictures then take their feedback very seriously. Browse through your most recent complaints (we recommend you keep a complaint log) and check if there is a pattern. Guest reviews have a huge impact on your success so make sure you pay attention to them.

How many times it happened to you that you couldn’t find your keys? So what happens if your guests lock themselves out? Most Airbnb hosts don’t actually live at the property they are renting out as a holiday home so if you are one of them then make sure you store a spare key in a safe place that guests can have access to. You don’t want to be getting a phone call in the middle of the night to then drive across town with an extra key to let your guests back into the apartment. The simplest solution is to install a key safe by the front door and keep a spare key there. 

To avoid other daily operational challenges, you need to get organized and start planning around check-in times. Coordinating between answering messages, organizing cleaning and welcoming arrivals can feel like a project managing challenge for you if you have not worked in hospitality previously. Make sure you have a straight forward plan in place for managing all the tasks you need to with an Airbnb booking. If you also have staff or a whole team to manage as well then include their tasks as well. 

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