Managing your vacation rental properties in the most effective way should be on the top of your agenda when you are setting up your Airbnb business. Even if you are already in the Airbnb game there is always room for improvement to maximize your revenue and enhance the guest experience. 

There are a few steps to consider when managing Airbnb. With the increasing number of properties being listed through platforms such as Airbnb, you need to make sure that your management skills are also being utilized. If you are the property owner or you work within a property management company, the solution should be the same in both scenarios: aim to automate as much of the management work as you can and make sure that your tasks are planned out in advance. 

Here are the steps to effectively managing your Airbnb:

Planning: Track your arrivals and departures 

The most important step to effectively managing your Airbnb bookings is to have a fully updated calendar system with all of your reservations logged correctly. Make sure that any cancellations are removed and you know the estimated arrival time of your guests. This can help you decide if you want to allow a late check out on a specific day and to coordinate the cleaning of the property based on the arrival time of your guests. In case you are using multiple platforms to rent your Airbnb, it is crucial that your calendars are synchronized and updated. Using an automated centralized calendar is the most efficient way to manage your bookings and it will also eliminate the risk of receiving double bookings. More free time for you and fewer headaches. 

Process Improvement: Remote management and self-check-in

You can save a significant amount of time by creating a self-check-in process for your guests. You won’t need to be getting stuck in traffic or waiting around at the property while your guests are arriving. Managing your check-ins entirely remotely is especially useful if you are running multiple Airbnbs across different locations. Simply prepare all the check-in info in a welcome pack and place it inside the property where it is clearly visible for your guests. The living room table or the kitchen counter are great places to display this useful notebook which should include WiFi password, travel information, and sightseeing in your neighborhood, location of nearest shops, restaurants, and ATMs. Also, include check-out times and any house rules. Implement keyless access to your door and send the code to your guest a couple of days before they arrive. Alternatively, you can install a small key safe by the front door, usually, these are very low cost and will save so much time for you in the long run.

Problem-solving: Maintenance Issues

Even though you can’t plan when something will go wrong in your Airbnb, having a list of reliable contacts will be of big help when any emergency maintenance work needs to be done during your guests stay. While a light bulb change doesn’t exactly qualify as an emergency, it is best to clearly identify and document what counts as an emergency and communicate this to your team or staff if you are not managing the bnb alone. Within the same documentation, you should list your trusted contacts from emergency plumbers to locksmiths and their call-out fees so you will know precisely what to expect. 

Getting these 3 areas of your Airbnb management right and optimized will help you become a more efficient host and will make the whole management experience significantly less tense.

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