Having a stunning property at a great location that is ideal for holiday accommodation is no longer enough to generate bookings. When guests are looking for their dream holiday home and scrolling through endless listings, they will be heavily relying on the opinions of fellow travelers. Your guest reviews play a crucial part in converting a potential customer into a staying guest. How to use this function of Airbnb as a selling tool? Get your previous guests selling your rooms or apartments with their truthful, detailed and positive reviews. To do that you need to make sure that they have the ultimate positive guest experience throughout their Airbnb stay at your property.

Follow these 4 simple ways to improve Airbnb guest experience and start getting better reviews from your customers.

Switch to Instant booking function 

The Airbnb guest experience journey starts even before the booking is confirmed. If they need to wait for you to respond to their enquiry and hope that you will approve their booking request, you’re more likely to lose out on that reservation. In today’s digital age, majority of people expect instant results and have no patience waiting around. The increased supply of Airbnb apartments simply mean that your competition just got bigger and you need to stay on top of your hosting game. 

Useful confirmation message

Booking is confirmed, now it’s your chance to give them a fantastic first impression of you as a host. This is your opportunity to start them off on their Airbnb experience with a useful and informative confirmation message. Make sure you include helpful information such as how to found your property, how do they check-in (does someone meet them in person or do you have a self-check in procedure?), what they can expect to do in the neighbourhood and most importantly offer them help with any extra services they may be interested in (airport transfer, car rental etc). Do not worry how much time this will take you. Simply create a template message to save time and only customise it if it’s really necessary.

Welcome gift 

A little extra goes a long way. When your guests arrive to your Airbnb property they will be happy to see that you have taken the effort to give them a small welcome present. This can be very cost effective and could be anything from local sweets and snacks to a few bottles of cold water or a chilled bottle of wine waiting for them in the apartment after they checked in. You can also include tourism information, brochures of activities and events, maps, a keychain or fridge magnet to take home with them. It literally can be anything that will make them feel welcome and get a taste of the local specialties. 

Meeting expectations 

Depending on how long they are staying at your property it is key that you contact them during their stay to make sure they are having a good time and you have met their expectations. A simple message to their inbox (remember: templates!) on their 2nd or 3rd day will give them the opportunity to tell you if something is not quite right. This way you can fix the issue before they check out and you eliminate the risk of getting a negative review. You can also upsell at this stage if you have other services or collaborations with other businesses. 

Get the review

Your Airbnb review will only show on your listing after you left a review of your guests as well. On the day of check out simply ask your guest to share their Airbnb guest experience with other travellers by leaving you a review. Make sure you schedule time to complete these reviews and be as detailed and positive as you can. Even though you can’t see each other’s review until they are published, it is more likely that they’ll recommend your holiday accommodation to their friends and family if you gave them detailed feedback. 

These 5 simple ways will help you improve your guests’ experience booking your Airbnb properties and leaving you with positive glowing reviews to attract more new customers. 

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If you’re already using Runbnb, you can login to your account here to test out the updated hosting experience.

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