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Our Story

Runbnb was born out of Romain Barberis’ (the Founder and CEO) desire to solve hosting problems and challenges. As it turns out, Runbnb ended up solving a lot more than that. From being a host-driven solution, Runbnb started to redefine the experience and interaction between hosts and guests. As a result, hosts are now able to focus 100% of their time to things they care about without having to worry about sacrificing their guests’ experience. In this mission, we also found that a local network that will enhance the experience of hosts and create authenticity for guests isn’t available and accessible. This is why we’re brought together hosts to get to know each other, share stories and experiences, and exchange ideas about hosting. Runbnb Community Sessions thrives to connect like-minded bnb and experience hosts. All we do, we do to create a better experience, and link to the rest of the community.

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Our Story

Hosts and Guests around the World

Romain Barberis
Romain Barberis Founder & CEO

Thomas Cosialls
Thomas Cosialls Co-Founder & CTO

Alenna Dawn
Alenna Dawn Chief Marketing Officer

Tino Perez
Tino Perez Chief Strategy Officer