Don’t let your listings run your life

Runbnb simplifies hosting in just one tap. All-in-one platform for a hassle-free hosting experience.

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Don't let your listings run your life

Access all the hosting tools you need in one tap

Access your accounts in one place

Connect all your Airbnb accounts and avoid all that constant switching between different accounts. Set up your integration so that you get all your notifications directly within Runbnb—from bookings to reservation changes—all of them in one place. If you use any other services like Booking, Agoda, VRBO, etc, just manually add the booking and that reservation is immediately in sync.

Access all the hosting tools you need in one tap

Group your listings

All your listing information—bookings, reservation changes, files, and all—is automatically synced to Runbnb so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want. Runbnb allows you to group your listings by property, location, and more based on your preference.

Access all the hosting tools you need in one tap

Get in the know with the multi-calendar

Runbnb’s calendar captures all listings and their details. It integrates with Airbnb, and shows past, current, and future bookings. In just a glance, see if a reservation is pending, has missing information, or completed.

Access all the hosting tools you need in one tap

Organize your staff data and files into one place

Staff organization isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity. Runbnb collects and organizes standard staff data like addresses and employment documents, and offers custom fields to capture data specific to your team, like skillset and schedule.

Access all the hosting tools you need in one tap

Manage your add-ons

You can leverage on maximizing earnings as you provide them a customizable guest experience. Runbnb enables you to offer additional services that fits your guests’ needs and wants. Curate the ideal stay of your guests while increasing your profits, with Runbnb.

Access all the hosting tools you need in one tap

Mobile App

Hosting anytime and anywhere across platforms. Accessible on web and mobile app.


Keep yourself updated on the the status of each listing. Work can be prioritized quickly.


Track and get reports. Gain greater visibility into overall performance of your listings.


Runbnb continually pushes unfinished tasks forward until they’re complete.

Success-based Pricing

Our pricing model aligns us with your success as our customers — not one where we’re making money off of the people who never even use our product. As hosts ourselves, we want you to keep your hard-earned money and take non-consumption off the table.

Behind Runbnb

Romain Barberis
Romain Barberis Founder & CEO

Thomas Cosialls
Thomas Cosialls Co-Founder & CTO

Alenna Dawn
Alenna Dawn Chief Marketing Officer

Tino Perez
Tino Perez Chief Strategy Officer

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